[handmade paper] design with embellishments

oh the paper drama… and of course the paper i love working with so much; handmade!

This story begins as we are completing the design process for nhaman & jeremy’s wedding invitations; after we finalized the fonts, colors & their custom monogram design, I made a few flat card & booklet samples for them to pick from. I’m also showing them different handmade paper belly band options to go with the tallow berry embellishment they want to use + their custom label wrap (samples shown below).

sample custom invitations
sample custom invitations

They loved the samples! {i love them} anyway, they sent me their favorite design picks to form a final invitation, and as i started to order everything I realized the handmade paper they picked (shown in the front of the image above) was discontinued! nooooo! how can this be!  SO, I’ve been looking on-line & at art stores for left over & similar paper {& so has uyen, their sassy girl wedding coordinator}. I drove to one of the most creative art stores in San Francisco, Flax Art & Design. Their handmade paper selection is amazing {I was literally there for hours, check it out if you haven’t been yet!}

After all the searching, below are some images of what we found so far to replace the “birds nest” paper they loved. The Egyptian Papyrus paper is so cool, but of course the most expensive! I guess that’s how this wonderful life works, you never know what last minute “paper drama” will come at you. 😉  *check out the final outcome here!

top: banana taupe, natural & mash; bottom: tan mulberry & sheer strands
top: banana taupe, natural & mash; bottom: tan mulberry & sheer strands
egyptian papyrus belly band
egyptian papyrus

what’s your favorite paper?  {i think I’m becoming more attached to the banana mash}



6 thoughts on “[handmade paper] design with embellishments

  1. I love handmade paper too and I have you to thank for this delightful addiction! Those samples are awesome, the Egyptian papyrus is gorgeous!

  2. These ones look very beautiful. I also deal with lots of handmade paper and have a wonderful shop where I get what I need. Some designs are so cool that I could get them framed as artworks.

  3. I like all of the designs…then again I too have a passion for Handmade paper! =) I lean to more organic styles. To replace the original, fantastic paper I would choose the tan mulberry. My second choice would be the natural and mash. While the egyptian papyrus is elegant; it reminds me of a high end hotel. Which is not personal enough for a wedding invitation.

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