Custom belly-band samples galore!

I went belly-band crazy today! Check out the new design options below for Roger & Sharon’s wedding invitation. All bands can be slipped on & off of each invite sample {booklet or 2-layer card} to make the perfect match. They are also planning on sliding a piece of dried lavender in the front, as we did for the Nhaman design {shown at bottom} using a dried tapestry millet.

colors: lavender, silver & ivory
colors: lavender, silver & ivory

I wonder which one they will choose? I can’t decide which is my favorite, but I definitely think the name band goes best with the booklet design while the paper bands w/ribbon go best with the layered cards. So…which one is your fave?

colors: tan, cream & brown
colors: tan, cream & brown

{check out Nhaman’s final wedding invitation package here}


3 thoughts on “Custom belly-band samples galore!

  1. Love these! I would like these for my wedding, you do in Australia? Costs? Let me know if you still do these. Ta

    1. hi! check out my flash website for info on pricing (click ‘our designs’ then ‘invitations’ to view nhaman & sharon’s invites in my gallery). You could also do a belly band without a booklet, just a flat card (as shown on theresa’s sample in the same gallery)!

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