Eco-Beautiful Weddings Online Magazine

The Winter 2010, Eco-Beautiful Weddings E-zine is live:
We are the first and only eco-friendly and eco-couture international online wedding magazine. Take a look at our premiere issue filled with hundreds of ideas, beautiful weddings and celebrities! —the Eco-Beautiful Weddings Blog

So yes, I’m all about having an actual printed magazine to hold & flip through {especially since my design background has been, and still is, within the publishing business}…but I must admit, it was fun to hear the pages swish when I clicked on the corners. The content is creative & all the images are bright & colorful. Plus, it’s so easy to select a product description or advertiser and instantly be redirected to their website.  Being that I’m also in the invitation/stationery biz, the wedding E-zine is definitely helping me think first by offering more recycled paper solutions when starting a project with my brides. Thanks!

* below is a quick glance showing a few of my favorite online spreads…and as a fellow art director, the layouts look fabulous!  Have fun clicking through the pages…

Eco Weddings Ezine


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